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Moz explains, “Meta title tags” are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content.”

When it comes to low effort big results, title tags take the cake. It’s such a small element but has such a massive impact!You know it’s important to create eye-catching headlines, but optimising your titles also matter for SEO purposes.

That’s where page title tags come in. They’re how your titles are relayed to search engines, and they’re an important part of any SEO strategy.This is one of the few times when you need to write for both people and search engines, and that can be tricky. Especially with headlines.


The title of a page is the most important part of the page title and meta description for SEO 2020. While the meta title provides the title of the website, the meta description provides a description of your page. The meta descriptions appear in the search engine results for each page and in Google search results, as well as in other search engines

Creating individual text meta description per website page is 100% better than using the  exact same meta descriptions on every page ! because Google searches the website for the text used in the description of the page. However, if you use the copy as page content and target your page with long keywords, you can add the description to Google without leaving it out, allowing Google to decide what is relevant to you. As defined, the meta described will be displayed on the search engine results page and in Google search results and other search engines

If you do not have a custom meta description, search engines generate their own meta descriptions for the content of the page using the same keywords as the text used in the description of your page (e.g. keywords modifiers such as “my website”)

The most important tags are those that cause visitors to click on your website and massivly improve CTR

The most important tags are those that cause visitors to click on your website in search queries. The header tag works much like the meta description and title tags, but it also makes it faster for it to tell you. It tells the search engine what the page is about and tells them that the content of your page is more relevant to the search terms of the visitors. Search engines will show you meta descriptions and page titles if they can’t find out what’s on your page, and vice versa

As described above, your meta description should be a short declarative sentence containing the same keywords as the title of your page. One way to bring together meta titles and descriptions is to have a title label for pages that are not among the target keywords. Just like the title tags, you know what keywords you want to include on your pages before you write your meta description

Title & descriptions are very important because they can influence the click sometimes called (CTR) click through rate  – by the speed of the search engines on your website and improving user engagement UX with your website. Although they do not play a direct role in helping the site to rank in the search engine, they can still be important in getting users to click on the site. Part of organic SEO optimisation is to write a great meta description that improves conversion as well as title label. Go hand in hand and write better meta titles and meta descriptions and the likelihood is that you will increase the traffic to your websites

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