161 Keyword Modifier Method

Proven 161 Content Method using a unique Keyword Modifiers Process

100s of keyword modifiers surrounding your main keyterm topic at the beginning !at the end !or in the middle! researched correctly you will gain high rankings for a large batch of broad, exact and phase matches 

A little like a PPC campaigns when you are bidding – BUT for natural organic seo, this is a game charger !  Keyword modifiers or thematic modifiers are topic terms or single words, which you can add to your main keyword to generate a huge amount of unique long-tail keyword.

As we all know content marketing is a form of marketing through which businesses create, publish, and distribute relevant and informative content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

So the number one goal for google is wanting to provide the best result – the ones that will keep people on your site and make them want to come back.

The fact is, SEO has changed a lot over the past few years. Google updates its algorithms regularly, meaning the old tricks and tactics been used may be hurting your website rather than helping it?

161 SEO Modifiers Method

Features Advantages & Benefits

Get our 161 SEO Modifiers Method


Features: 161 method is advanced data research model for on-Page SEO keyword modifiers creating a new future proof technique for 2022 and years to come..

Advantages: Improves your overall SEO, introduces a hierarchy to your content, forces you to focus on multiple batch key terms per page, optimising your website content for SEO with keyword modifiers related words  LSI s & semantically related synonym words

Benefits: Vasty Improves rankings, google does not only not like thin content or content that is stuffed with the  same keyword, exact same linear focused is so 2012 its 2022 think smarter ? Its now been a whole package – the place to go to, in googles eyes, been at one with the content, all paths all avenues, the complete article about all things related & relevant to that subject topic

Results : Implemented correctly this could not only bring 100s of different keyword rankings in search engines for exact, broad and phase matches, because of all the modifiers imbedded within the article,  but thousands of engaging visitors per month

161 Modifiers Method

We expose the 161 method for powerful on-page SEO techniques. That makes your content stand out, capture you’re audiences attention and makes  you visitors fully engage with your site

What do you see below ?

  • 161 Process
  • 161 Modifiers
  • 161 Method
  • 161 Competitors insight
  • 161 Technique
  • 161 System
  • 161 Routine
  • 161 Formula
  • 161 Content
  • 161 Step By Step Process

Content marketing with our 161 method

Our  161 Step By Step Process documents all words relating to the same Topic, the same theme, a step by step guide to follow, to complete a fully optimised article, which will be worth your time and enough to understand the way its displayed above and the way its merged into one paragraph below

Problem: many content agencies offer article writing services, but get low to poor result?. The reason for this is that most of them do not include or follow a content and keyword process drawn from competitors insight using a system centred around keyword modifiers (purely populating single words & occasionally short multiple words into your content } it’s a solid future proof technique that follows optimising guidelines. Our 161 method we teach is an all in one formula that you can be Included in your day to day routine, when creating articles for your sector.

Promise: Our platform, in house team, writers are all full experienced and knowledgeable in on-page SEO writing, producing quality content creation articles that can find online

Proof: We can demonstrate thousands of high ranking positions for competitive topics online, ranking webpages on page 1 thanks to optimised content using our 161 modifiers process.

The single page below gains 12,000 visitors a month its surrounded by the correct modifiers, hand picked to optimise this content article from 1384 natural ranking key-terms in google.co.uk to 12k engaging visitors

161 proof of concept

Proposal: We can work along side you guys to create a well-researched article based on finding all keyword modifiers that relate to your chosen. Topic

161 Method & Process 

The very first step by step technique for optimising your article content for the search engines. You need to research and use relevant, keywords/topic terms modifiers within content that is also well written and unique to your site. You may also need to update the content regularly and use keywords naturally and strategically. Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords & semantically related synonym keywords & using a tone of voice that at the exact same level as your audience.

Make sure you avoid any duplicate content issues with your page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, h1 tags etc. Here’s our seo 161 method showing on page tips that you can use to help make your article on your website rank higher in the search engines.

Meta Data 161 Modifiers

161 Step 1

1) Keyword Research: It’s important to first identify a list of possible keyword phrases for your article as this will then inform the creation of your title, meta description and your main body content. To do this we recommend using googles serps listings on page 1 2 and 3  first then research half a dozen competitors pages as an insight  Once you have identified a list of possible keywords from your initial top level search  – plug them into other popular keyword research tools like ahref semrush and keyterm.co to research further

161 Step 2

 Process Method & 161 Technique

We use 22 different resource methods  in total, to pull in the ultimate complete keyword modifiers out there which looks like this

Article content 161 process

There are four essential steps to creating great content that will ensure that your readers will get the most from it.

1. You need to know your audience and their intent.
2. You need to create content that is optimised for search engines, social channels and conversion rates; meaning it is relevant, authoritative, valuable and designated for a specific purpose.
3. You need to publish relevant, authoritative content that is organised using keywords strategically so Google can better understand the meaning of the content on your page.
4. You need to update your content regularly with new information so readers stay engaged, your website stays current and you continue to rank high in search engines. We have put together a list of some of our favourite tools which will help you achieve the above objectives by streamlining your processes while providing the necessary analytics to optimse your content for search engines, social media channels and conversion rates:

list to follow

161 Step 3

The first step to optimising your content for search engines is to write for people first, and for search engines second. Think about what your content needs to achieve, and then think about how it can be best optimised for the search engine. If you’re trying to optimise your content for rankings in the search engines, try to make sure that you’re including the following:

Keywords – Use appropriate keywords in your title and throughout your content, but don’t shoe-horn them in where they don’t naturally fit.

Including links – Make sure that you’re using relevant links to other websites that are related to yours. This makes it look like you’re a subject matter expert in the field and makes it more likely that your article will appear in Google’s “Related Links” section of their results pages.

Internal links – Make sure that there are relevant internal links within your article so that readers can easily navigate within your website.

Image tags – Use appropriate tags on your images so that they are easily found by search engines and indexed correctly. Alt tags – On an image with an alt tag, a lot of people skip over the alt text so make sure that it contains relevant keywords so that it will rank higher in searches for those words.

161 Content optimisation (conversion optimisation)

is one of the most important techniques & strategies for any business that wants to succeed online. Content optimisation can mean different things to different people, but the basic idea is that you need to create optimised content for your target audience .

There are many ways you can do this, including:

* Optimising your content system with keywords, modifiers and phrases that are relevant to your audience.

* Creating articles that answers common questions and concerns that your target audience might have centered around modifiers

* Creating content that allows users to convert or take an action after they read it (e.g., “buy now” buttons).

* Ensuring that your site meets all search engine optimisation (SEO) standards and best practices.

There’s only one way to rank for multiple keywords, and that’s to create unique content around each keyword. But which keywords should you target? How do you find long tail keywords?

The 5 step process I’m about to share with you today is a proven method that I’ve used over the past 8-9 years. I’ve ranked websites in the top 3 spots of Google for well over 100 different keywords using this exact method.

Here are the 5 basic steps: included in our 161 method

  1. Find keyword modifiers following our 161 process  using SEMRush Ahref and key search and all our individual 22 methods tio find as many modifiers as possible within your niche
  2. Find related easy to rank keywords as a benchmark to show value in the short term keywords using keysearch & Ahref  & your own spreadsheet comparison tool.
  3. Write articles and blog posts around those topics (make sure it’s your own unique content!!!). This is important! Don’t copy & paste from other sites!
  4. Create a new piece of content for each top level Topic niche  (not just synonym variations of that keyword)
  5. Do link building around those articles (guest blogging, interviews, etc.)

Modifiers for our 161 process


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