How Does It Work ? 

Software that instantly creates

engaging titles & descriptions

With Amazing high quality attention grabbing words to engaged with your audience

Its Instant Time Saving Money Saving Optimised Engaging CTR Friendly

  1. Its instant
  2. It saves time  – * on average of 2-3 weeks per person, who has SEO experience & optimisation knowledge
  3. It saves a massive amount of money – up to £2,500 on an 80 page website. 
  4. Its optimised  key-terms , location, brand name , modifiers
  5. Its engaging – with credibility, power-words and a call to action words & sentences.  
  6. It helps with CTR – because of powerful call to actions. 
  7. Its like having an
    • SEO person in house,
    • A Copy Writer – that’s content thats optimised
    • A CRO resource, all rolled into one ?

The Issue Was !

Working in a digital marketing agency is a rewarding and busy profession, however, some projects can be very time consuming.

Our lead project manager, who oversees planning, organising, and directing the completion of specific projects consistently builds effective websites and it was apparent, during the build stage! that having to create  titles and descriptions, all meta tags ( serps & images tags)  is a very lengthy process. 

At one point in February 2020, he had 80 pages to create for one website on a 4 week build program ! 


Including short content & meta tags required per page

  • Primary Keyword (1)
  • URL string (1)
  • Page Title (1)
  • all H1 H2 H3 (3) 
  • Images Tags name title description alts (12) * 3 around 2-3 images per page 
  • (3) Keyword Modifiers to include in the copy  prefer 12-20 per page ! 

as a minimum

That is a normal page or post assets required per website page.

That is at least 19 short titles descriptions & image tags per page that adds upto around 1520 pieces of content to research, review and create for the 80 pages. On top of this, keywords and modifiers would also take time to be researched and included in the content that require further visibility?

Even aimed with all keywords and modifiers you will need to effectively engaging readers with compelling copy including power words, credibility text and call to action phrases, which is a time consuming process. Resources and time need to be dedicated to facilitate meta tags, titles and descriptions. 

We realised that this was not cost effective, time efficient and nor where the results instant?


We Needed A Solution

As a team, we believed that creating a software to generate content, such as titles and descriptions would be an efficient solution. Having a generator to prewritten content instantly would not only save sufficient time, but also boost productivity in a workplace.

With 1520 content pieces to write this can accumulate up to around 4 weeks worth of staffing time, if you work out the raw staffing or personal costs of time required !, it can be expensive, especially if multiple employees are involved in the process?

*We believed that creating a software generator would cut down costs and time tremendously. shaving weeks off a website build ………

Even if a few tweaks had to be made to the content, this is still more efficient than completing it manually.and save on average 3-4 weeks of work   

We began creating an instant title & description software generator, which included all the short content needed for web pages, articles and blogs etc, as seen below. 

Copy and Pasted Generated Content Output – from our Software Portal 




The Benefit Is   

We have been developing this Title & Description software for over a year now with seven dedicated resource behind the scene helping with the process to create the portal. 

There are several benefits of this software including; users can get content instantly, the generator is a massive time saver, on average a person will save around 2 to 3 weeks. It saves a large amount of money, 

around £1,500 to £2,000 for an 80 page website. as well as 

  • All content is optimised with modifiers, brand name, location and key terms. 
  • Content produced is highly engaging 
  • with call to action and credibility used power words. 
  • In addition, it helps with improving the click through rate. 

The service gives everything an in house SEO marketer, copywriter and a conversion rate optimisation can give -but all in a comprehensive and handy tool. As you can see from the image below, you can also choose from a selection of titles, descriptions and much more to best suit your brand.




The software may not be 100% accurate and the content may require slight tweaking. However, we believe that the generator is about 95% accurate and will only require 3-5% tweaking. This is still 1000% quicker than creating the content yourself from scratch.even with all the correct skillset in house !  

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