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Understanding keyword modifiers can help speed up your SEO campaigns. You can start by searching for a keyword, viewing the results, and noticing which keyword modifier is being used.

Keyword match types can be compared with targets where you can see an exact match keyword as the exact term your ideal customer uses in their search. Google is making changes to the exact nature of the agreement so that your ads match searches that include synonyms, plurals and other variations of the keyword when used. In short, this means that you will now also start to find words in your searches that have the same meaning as your keyword.

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    We have done extensive market research for a large number of business sectors. Gathering powerful keywords, eye catching actionable words with industry key terms. Creating a unique online tool that generates optimised content to save not only time but drive your websites visibility with engaging CTRs.
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One way to make your keywords more targeted to the wide matching types is to use modifiers for wide matches. Combined with negative keyword extensions, they allow you to create a keyword that has a greater range than the keyword you are targeting. Be warned, however, that adding broad matches for negative keywords limits your reach – they limit the reach more to phrases with an exact match. Keyword modifiers can add more to your core keywords and help you extend your reach so you can control more relevant traffic and leads.

They help you narrow down your list of potential keywords to include only the best keywords for the specific purpose of increasing sales quickly. Keyword synonyms help you identify keywords that can be used in local SEO.

Keyword modifiers (or thematic modifiers) can add terms or words to the main keyword to create a more unique, long keyword. You can apply wide matching modifiers to anything you want, but the nearest variant adds a very similar search to the matching. The closer variant is included in the query for each keyword and causes the search to be reevaluated.

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If you are targeting a keyword with a Broad Match modifier, try tapping a larger pool of keywords when searching. A broadly modified, broad keyword increases the chances that Google will interpret the keyword as matching someone’s search query.

Essentially, the idea is that any keyword you put a plus sign in front of is a modifier for a broad match keyword. Wide match modifier for keywords works by creating a “I always want to bid” or “Always bid.” As shown above, you can bid for any keyword you think is relevant to your campaign, whether it’s a specific product or service, or even a single keyword in a search query.

If you have a duplicate set of fully modified keywords, this could be a good time to change the bid level and set the keyword match type to Broad. Adding a modifier for a big match to a keyword is easy after the word you want to change is put. You can add a plus sign to every word in a search, whether it’s a specific product, service, or even a single keyword in your campaign, and you can also add the sign after you change the general keyword. If you change a more comprehensive – corresponding keyword, you can add this character before any other words in the search.

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Our unique online tool has detailed sector specific researched keywords on a wide variety of industries and we are always adding more. We can provide you with focused, leading keyword modifiers, that can be sprinkled into your content to help boost rankings and drive click through rates.

All our keyword modifiers are taking from high ranking sector specific terms. These are seperated into single words and are a complementary subset of keywords that work with your titles and descriptions to help boost your online presence.

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