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Intro to Article Rankings – [ SEO Meta Titles ]

Robbie Walsh

Intro to Article Rankings

First of all, a poorly optimized page will always rank lower than a well optimized page; no matter what SEO methods you are using. The page title is the biggest determinant in search engine optimization. A poorly optimized page will always rank below well optimized pages.

Search engines use the page title as one of the biggest determinants in how to rank your web page. It is the number one item that searches look for. Your title should be specific to the content of your page and should accurately reflect the contents of your page.

Search engines may also use it to understand the content of your page. The closer the pages topic is to the title, the more likely the search will understand the page.

In short, a well optimized page will rank well with search engines, although it isn’t as easy as just inputting the correct title followed by an appropriate and relevant post.

SEO Title Relevance

Relevance is huge with this one. If your title is relevant to the post you’re actually writing, there is a much higher chance your post will be read. But how do you know what is really relevant and what is not?

The key is knowledge and experience. You should be aware of exactly what you are writing about. It is generally safe to say that using the exact same title as another post will make the first post seem more relevant. The reason behind this is that other people see the title as a more relevant result to their searches therefore generating more traffic to your blog.

If you’re posting an article about web design, use web design as the title. If you are doing a tutorial on something in particular you should link to another source like Wikipedia or another article about the topic.

Pros and Cons

All in all you should try to insert a dilemma into the title like “What is the best solution to this problem?”. Avoid using a statement such as “It was determined that this is the best solution”. Finally, it is a good idea to offer a “Let’s consider the options and buy your answer” option. On some forums these help with increasing the reputation of the poster and others within the forum may refer users to you.

<p>Sample SEO Meta data text here...</p>
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Brady talked a lot about the importance of increasing the number of one way links from other websites pointing to your website and said that this indicates your site has something useful and important to offer. However, he could not explain why such a huge number of links would increase the trust score of your site.

Most people think that a well optimised website is already assumed to be the best. However, according to Google only a few of the top ranked websites achieve that status in the eyes of Google. One of those could be Microsoft’s Bing, but even they are not sure how much significance their Bing may have on the algorithm.

Google’s partnership with National Geographic is another reason why Google is bringing out new products and giving free offers for those who want to try the products.

The Geographic map that is featured in Google News gives users the option of clicking on the map to visit the geographical location of interest. This may help them find your new product or service.

Php Programming Html Coding Cyberspace Concept

For those who are on AOL’s AOL different from Yahoo and MSN, the AOL search engine offers a web search box. Clicking on the search box will bring up a list of options for finding what you are looking for. With other versions of the AOL search engine it may be a little confusing. When doing a search from the AOL search engine for example, the results from the AOL contain different bells and whistles compared to results from other search engines.

Take the time to try out the different search engines and see which one you prefer. Most people are going to stick with search engines that they like google of cause ! . Having good search engine knowledge is very important for any business looking to be noticed on the Internet.

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