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Meta Description Tags Explained

Robbie Walsh

Meta Description Tags and Their Importance,

The meta description tag serves the function of advertising copy. It draws readers to a website from the SERP, and thus is a very visible and important part of search marketing. Crafting a readable, compelling description using important keywords can improve the click-through rate for a given webpage.Meta tags are important because they impact how your site appears in the SERPs and how many people will be inclined to click through to your website. Meta tags are an important part of a solid SEO strategy.

Title Tag

A title tag should be composed of three primary keywords. These should be incorporated in the title tag in the following manner:

Compound Titles: For example, Hotel in papers should be written as follows – Hotel in papers | Hotels in UK

Formatting of Titles:

The title tag is not a meta tag, but it’s worth considering the importance of the title tag when constructing your page.  Since the title tag displays on the SERP, and the title displayed as the title of your website will be the first line that your visitors see, they need a concise and attractive message.  This means that for the best results it is vital to collate all the important targeting keywords for your website.

The title tag is the most important tag based on SEO principles.  It should be a concise sentence, no more than 70 characters, that contains the focusing keyword, and that attracts the attention of the internet user.  Most often the title will be the first text that catches the attention of the reader.  The title tag is not a meta tag, and so it can’t be used to refer to a page using the title of the website. The title tag is contained in the head section of the html code, and the most important tags for Search Engines are the title tags.  The title tag is, therefore, the most important tag for SEO.

The description tag is a very important tag for a web page.  It is displayed in the SERP to encourage visitors to visit the website.  Ideally the description tag will be only a few sentences, or a short sentence that catches the attention of the internet user.  If the description tag is too long it will be split into two or more sentences.  The description tag can include up to 160 characters.  Unlike the title tag, the description tag will not be GIF format, and will be displayed as is.

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H1 Heading Tags: Headings are used to highlight the importance of specific sections of the webpage – used as headlines, and subheadings.  They are also used to highlight the body text, bolded text and the relevant keywords. H1 heading tags are positioned at the top of the page following the body text and following the heading tags in the style and location of the page.

H2 Heading Tags: Just like the H1 tags the H2 heading tags are used to further highlight the importance of specific sections of the webpage.  Similarly the body text is not backed up by H2 tags, but do appear in the same location as the H1 tags. H2 heading tags are at the top of the page following the heading tags.  There are several tags that can be used in the body text of the web page to make it more prominent in the eyes of the search engines.  These include the keywords tag, the description tag, and even the keyword tag.

Keyword Tags:The body text is perhaps the largest and most important body of the webpage.  Keyword tags are usually placed within the first several paragraphs of the body text and will be bold if they are used.  The keyword tags will bring extra traffic to a website that uses their keywords.  However, too many keyword tags will make the sight “look strange” to the human eye and may make it seem illogical.  The trick to using keyword tags is to utilise a specific amount of keywords, yet to not make the text above it appear as if the keywords have been “stuffed” into the body text.

Alt Tags: Alt tags are the “invisible” texts as part of your images.  The point of alt tags is to add an extra touch of visual appeal to an otherwise very plain page – the same as using a bold font.  Alt tags should be used whenever possible for the convenience of the website visitor and the web spiders.  (There is one major caveat to using images and alt tags – you can’t fill up the page with images as the search engines won’t understand the images).


Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are typically keyword phrases. These typically mean being more specific to your website and business. For example, a short keyword phrase is, ” handicraftsman.”  In comparison a long tail phrase is, “whereby a man loved his yard.”  In the latter example the website is talking about a man who loved his yard.  Whether you decide to use long tail keywords for your website content is up to you.

Website Content: The body content of your website is so important and is where you have to show your message about your website.

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