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How to create the right Image Tags

Image Alt, Title & Description tags are the descriptive data included with website images & are important to provide contextual relevance about the page.

When it comes to optimizing images for your website you can’t ignore the enormous importance of alt text. Alt – Text appears in the place where the image is displayed when it is not loaded and should describe itself, it is one of the most important metadata to embed in terms of SEO. The title label is where the text tooltip goes, if you choose one, because it describes what is in the case of alt text and precedes alt texts and image tags.

Adding appropriate alt tags to images on your site can help the site achieve better rankings in search engines by linking keywords to the images. Alt – Text accompanies images in Google Image Search, helping users understand the image and improving your chances of getting more visitors. Adding relevant keywords, including the appropriate “alt” attribute, to your images and web pages can not only help you to achieve a better ranking in the search engine, but it can also help your web pages achieve better placement in some search agencies by matching the photos and images with keywords.

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    Start with Image alts text

    You will need a batch of keywords and a copy writing road map, whether you need titles, descriptions, named content for your website titles or social headlines. View our demo to see how our system generates this.

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    Creating your Image tag campaigns

    We have done extensive market research for a large number of business sectors. Gathering powerful keywords, eye catching actionable words with industry key terms. Creating a unique online tool that generates optimised content to save not only time but drive your websites visibility with engaging CTRs.

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    Start building out website titles & descriptions and various required day to day headlines you may need for engaging and optimised output, focused strongly on high CTRs. Let's get started!

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Alt Tags have become more important to the search engines because they contain the actual images of the website. They can be compared to a subtitle or text on IM pages. They are used to describe images in place of text. Webmasters of today are utilising alt tags to improve their website usability, and thereby improve search engine traffic. Alt tags enhance web page loading time only if they are not well-thought out properly, which, inevitably, leads to a lower page rank.

If you use alt-text to describe an image, include keywords and keyword phrases, search engines can signal that your page is relevant to a particular search query, and can work well in search engine optimization. Paste the target keywords of a page into your alt text, as this could improve the keyword ranking of the page. Consider which keywords or search terms are useful and how you can include them in your alt-text description while you are still describing the image.

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Often overlooked but hugely important, image SEO starts with the file name. Quickly and easily generate names for your images that help to promote your website.

Alt tags are displayed in place of your image if it cannot be loaded. Image alt tags are also integral to website accessibility. Our online tool helps you to efficiently create descriptive and engaging alt tags for your website images.

Image titles appear when a user mouses over an image on your website. Our generator tool creates image titles that are descriptive and optimised to engage users and increase SEO.

Image descriptions provide detailed information on the image. We can instantly generate descriptions that promote the content of your website, are optimised and help improve your websites CTRs.

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First of all, avoid using unnecessary descriptions of images or graphics. If you are positioning images anywhere on your website, be sure that the image is part of the context and not being overbearing.

Meta Tags Titles and Description

When describing your images, always try to restrict the image content to the bare necessities of the page. It should be merely there for your information, and nothing else. The other important thing is to give space to your navigation links. As far as main navigation is concerned, you will find that these alt tags are effective for navigation, but not as effective for keyword ranking purposes. If you want to supplement your graphical image description with keyword-rich words, do so by placing “alt tag image” or similar instructions on the page, which should link to the place of the original image. This way, it will be very easy for the search engines to index your primary keyword-rich image.

As the original issue is a search engine bots’ main objective is to discover new information, avoid over-use of images on your website. You should use any graphic image that has SEO-friendly file-size, just like any image you intend to add to the webpage. If you are posting an image in the web-page, please save it as a jpeg format instead of any image format.

Alright here is a final tip to help the search engines understand the image content on your website. Although the image content on your website is important to your website’s ranking in the SERPS, other elements of the website must be in place as well because this will help both the search engines and human visitors to understand the actual gist and essence of any proposition you are making in the body of your website. Those items might still come in after the image, but they are essentially necessary and accepted additions to the website. Also, trying to understand how to add images with keywords before they are properly indexed by the search engines, concludes that it might be the easiest way to improve the performance of a website.

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