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Optimising your meta data is so important, as is optimising your whole website so it’s search engine friendly

When writing meta tags, it’s important that you don’t stuff your meta descriptions with keywords and phrases. It’s okay to use targeted keywords in your meta descriptions to improve your ranking in Google, but make sure they don’t take the focus away from your content as well as you’ll want your meta description to be a “natural” description of your site. If you don’t happen to be selling a product or service, but you are driving traffic to your pages and earning revenue, it’s okay to use lots of targeted phrases. Not all search engines use the meta description when ranking sites, so make sure you’re letting search engines know your site well. 

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Many search engines use meta descriptions in their serps and index. For Google, meta descriptions are actually a page’s description. A page’s description text is what is seen in the Search results sections below the title, as well as the presence of content within the description filter that search engines use to decide the relevance of a page to a specific keyword & phrase.

While meta descriptions are becoming increasingly important to search engines’ algorithms, meta descriptions are not entirely useless. In some situations, they are effective ways to drive traffic and backlinks.

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Meta descriptions are a specialised function of the html Meta Tags Titles and Description
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How To Create A Perfect Meta Description For Your Webpage

If you want your shared content to get the largest possible clicks online, you should create strong meta titles & descriptions that encourage clicks, just as you do for a search engine results page. 

If your page does not contain a meta description, Google will grab the most relevant copy it can find on that page and display it in the description box and access it.

A meta description is a piece of HTML on your website that allows you to describe your page. These snippets are useful for inserting keywords, increasing the click rate, appearing in the title screen of search results, and so on.

A meta description helps with natural search results

There’s a lot of information that people will provide search engines through the meta description, and these words and phrases give the viewer some idea whether this search is helpful. For this reason, the description meta attribute is an enormous opportunity to show relevant information, and you’ll usually get plenty of visitors from the high quality search engines which view the meta description as a source of information.

If you read Microsoft’s Webmaster Central Blog, they mention that “The difference in SERPs (for search engine results pages) is between entries containing the description meta variable and short descriptions of the page in place of a title.”

Meta Tags Titles and Description

You can edit your meta description with plugins like Yoast and WordPress, but you can also edit meta descriptions with other tools like CSS & HTML5. 

A meta description is intended to inform you about the content and purpose of a website, so you can decide whether or not to click on it. 

Google advises creating a separate description for each page on your site. If you don’t write your own meta description, Google creates one by pulling content from your page. Instead of manually defining the keywords, you can find out the theme of the page and extract the title of the meta descriptions.

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What meta-descriptions affect is how many people choose to click on your site, and search engines can automatically generate clippings from those clippings. If the description is not good enough to convey what your content is about, people will ignore it and choose another website.

Writing your own meta-description ensures you have more control over what people see, but writing a great meta-description requires both art and science

A meta description is a short blurb written on a website page header to summarize the content of your website, such as the title, description, and links to other content. If you leave the Meta – Description section blank, you miss an opportunity to get people interested in finding your site to click through through search engines and social media. To get more out of the site’s content when it appears in search results and social media.

Social media platforms often use meta-descriptions when sharing links, giving people a preview of your content. Meta – description snippets are also what emerges when some of the content is shared on social media. Search engines can search for and use a meta description when displaying search results, as well as use it when sharing links to other websites.

Sophisticated webmasters should be aware that meta-descriptions can be added in a variety of ways, such as in the form of links, links to other websites or even in an article.

If you use a content management system like WordPress or HubSpot, you can avoid the need to immerse yourself in the HTML code if your platform allows you to change the general settings. Plug-ins like Yoast are also available to make adding a meta description to a web page as easy as adding a few lines of code. This shows the meta description in the form of a headline tag with the title of the page and a link back to the original article.

You can also enter a specific URL to scratch your HTML, including the meta description, using the Yoast plugin and a few clicks.

Although it has nothing to do with rankings technically, meta-description is a central part of Google’s search engine optimization algorithm (SEO). This is because Google finds pages with content that matches the user’s search query and provides a “meta description.” So, although it doesn’t have any negative impact on SEO, it’s the same as content.

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